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Czech exchange student Prema

Kajaani Judoclub offers a great possibility to start or continue your Judo career in Kajaani. In Kajaani Judo has been since 1968. We have experienced and educated coaches, and some of us have gained experience from the Olympics in early 90's which has affected to the experience and the routines(know-how) in Judo lessons and competing in our club. 

Judoclub is located near to train and bus station, and it's easy to find. The city center is about 500 meters from the club. Address is Vienankatu 5, 87100 Kajaani, Finland.


Entrance fee for the member of Finnish Judo Association: 60 € (requisite)
Season fee: 110 € (autumn season 1.9.–31.12., spring season 1.1.–31.5).
Graduation fee 60 € (in case of belt graduation, optional).

Training times per week:

Adults (new trainers): Wednesday 19:30–21:00
Adults (old trainers): Monday 18:00–19.30, Wednesday 18:00–19:30, Friday 17:00–18:30
Juniors (new trainers): Tuesday 17:00–18:00
Juniors (old trainers): depends wheter a competitor or normal trainer, please contact the email below.

Questions or signing up? Please take a contact to our email. We are glad to help you to continue and/or start your judo career in Kajaani, Finland!

Pre signing is closed. If you have something to ask referring to groups or training, we kindly ask you to take a contact to our email: kajaaninjudokerho[at]